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Here in Toyama, small squids called firefly-squids come in spring nights. And people love to hunt them. Sorry but no squids are captured in this video. There were only a little squids in this night but so many people. It is somewhat sad that I was not able to capture blue lights of firefly-squids, but it was a good shooting test.

[ Japanese ] Kagayaki filter is the Twinking Soft Focus and Cross filter for VirtualDub, to enhance emotion of your starry and night footage. It works nicely for starry timelapse, night city and fireworks footage. It is also optimal when you use still-astrophotograpies in your movies. And it can work as general-purpose soft focus filter, not limited to night footages.


Please watch it HD and full-screen.


VirtualDub: Afterimage filter


[ Japanese ] I created a video filter for VirtualDub (free video processing software) called "Afterimage". This generates afterimage effect, a kind of motion blur effect also known as "light trail" effect. Useful for time lapse movies of night skies, especially meteor showers: with this filter, meteors will fade to disappear, instead of being shown only in single frame. It is also possible to generate star trails.


This is a HD movie, so please enable HD mode and view it fullscreen.


About tagoshu

Thank you very much for your visit to my website! I'm Shusaku Tago aka tagoshu.

I'm a developer of video filters for VirtualDub, helpful for starry and sky timelapse movies.

I'm a starry & sky timelapse photographer, astrophotographer and fishing fan, living in Takaoka, Toyama, Japan.

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