Starry Winds for MMD v0.6c (Planetarium Engine)

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I developed a high quality planetarium engine called "Starry Winds for MMD". This is a demo video of it. This video includes instructions of how to use (latter half), so please watch through this video before you use it.

Download Starry Winds for MMD v0.6c


This is a planetarium effect package for MikuMikuDance + MikuMikuEffect based on real life star catalogues. It generates high quality starry sky, and it has a wide range of customizability.

MikuMikuDance (MMD) is a free 3DCG software and MikuMikuEffect (MME) is an add-on for MMD that allows you to use wide range of effects powered by HLSL.

For English infomation about those softwares, you might want to check:


  • Approx 0.3 million stars with using catalogues from the Hipparcos mission.
  • You may customize apparance of stars by changeng parameters and/or textures.
  • Stars can twinkle beautifully and naturally.
  • Realistic Milky Way texture. Thank you very much for ESO for allowing me to use it.
  • Atmospheric extinction is implemented. Stars above horizon are dimmer and reddish. This feature can be turned off.
  • Visible magnitude changes smoothly as you zoom your camera.

星めぐりの歌 -Song of the Star Tour-

Sample of Hi-Res Rendering


4000x2250 px. Click the image to enlarge. Max resolution depends on capacity of your video card and quality settings of your video card.

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Nice Thanks for your sharing....

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